Children and Teens

As children and teens grow, a new set of challenges is presented with each developmental stage. Sometimes it can be difficult for parents and children to navigate the unique tasks of each developmental phase. When children experience intense emotions, stressful life events, or engage in behaviors that interfere with their ability to thrive, they may benefit from therapy.

Therapy can be helpful in addressing a variety of concerns including:


-Learning difficulties

-Behavioral problems

-Emotional distress, including depression and anxiety

-Death of a loved one such as family member or pet

-Changes in family situations such as the birth of a sibling, parental divorce/separation

-Moving to a new place or attending a new school

-Taking on more responsibility than is age-appropriate

Parents can benefit from participation in therapy in order to discuss parenting challenges and strengthen the relationship with your child(ren). Participation in therapy can help you:

-Gain a better understanding of the developmental phases that children experience so you are better prepared to support your child(ren)

-Learn how to set clear limits and provide consistency

-Improve confidence in your parenting skills

-Explore how your childhood experiences may be impacting your parenting