I practice integrative psychotherapy, drawing on mindfulness based approaches, psychodynamic, constructivist, and family systems theories. Providing a safe environment in which you can recall painful experiences, explore inner themes/conflicts, and gain an understanding of how these wounds may be contributing to your present difficulties is a focus of my work. This can give you an opportunity to deepen your self-knowledge, discover greater self-acceptance and self-confidence, as well as cultivate your abilities to grow, explore, change, and heal. I believe the relationship between the therapist and the client is a critical factor in the success of therapy. As we work together we will spend some of our time talking about how our relationship is progressing.

I specialize in the following areas:

-Trauma recovery, helping individuals overcome the effects of abuse and trauma

- Eating disorders/emotional eating

- Children and teens who are struggling with behavioral, emotional, and social problems

-Treating helping professionals, including healthcare providers, first responders, military veterans, and their family members.

I also have extensive experience helping individuals with a variety of other concerns including:

-grief and loss/bereavement

-life transitions/stress management

-relationship difficulties

- coping with chronic pain conditions including tension and migraine headaches

-lifestyle changes associated with smoking cessation, diabetes, and weight management