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Business Consultation

I offer business consultation services for healthcare providers and helping professionals. My goal is to provide you with support, feedback, and skills so you are able to cultivate the clarity, confidence, and courage to create a business aligned with your values. Services can be short-term or long-term based on your needs.

 Participation can help you:

    -Develop your professional identity in order to clearly define your values and goals for your business

    -Learn how to identify and address negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and other barriers interfering with your success

    -Identify your strengths and how to utilize those in your business

    -Learn skills for cultivating work/life balance

    -Create a business and financial plan aligned with your values

    -Develop time management and organizational skills to streamline your business practices

    -Prioritize your goals and take targeted action to create and maintain business growth

Sessions are offered as traditional in-office appointments, remotely through online videoconferencing, or by telephone. The cost is $120 per session. For more information, feel free to contact me.